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The Marcel Breuer House — Interior Design by Victoria Lyon
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This house by famed mid-century modern architect Marcel Breuer and renovated by contemporary architect Toshiko Mori, also follows one of the primary goals of modern architecture: bringing the outside in. Here, the furniture is kept spare to emphasize the views. The sculptural column light in the corner, made from bits of natural wood, also brings a bit of nature indoors. The designer worked with Shapedwood Lighting to create this unique custom art light.
The designer worked closely with Shapedwood Lighting to create this unusual piece of sculpture which also functions as a light.
In the son's bedroom, a table lamp designed by Shapedwood Lighting, along with the wooden bureau, emphasizes the connection between house and nature.
A close-up view of the table lamp, show the magical play of light and shadows created by the light's unique construction from geometric pieces of raw wood. Victoria Lyon commissioned the first pieces made by Shapedwood Lighting for this historic home.
The designer selected this triptych of paintings by contemporary artist Lilian Garcia-Roig for their subject matter, once again linking the house to nature.
A close-up detail of the painting selected by the designer for the Marcel Breuer House shows it's vibrant abstract expressionist style which melds together to create a view of a wooded path when viewed from a distance.
Photographs of Marcel Breuer House by John Cordes.
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