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The Bartlett Arboretum Designer Showcase — Interior Design by Victoria Lyon
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The starting point for the studio. The Bob Ichter abstract painting was my inspiration, as it reminded me of an enlarged photo detail of a butterfly wing. The beautiful live-edged wood slab desk with hand-wrought iron base was made by my firend John Hone at Greenwich Property Management. The gorgeous aqua glass lamp is by Arteriors Home.
Detail of my paints table with 2 of my paintings. And yes those are real butterflies in them!
Shot of the other side of the art studio, with another one of my butterfly paintings on the easel (with real butterflies), and my wall installation piece of 3-D (not-real) cobalt blue butterflies made of hardened fabrics of varying textures, sizes and shapes.
A closer shot of the easel and painting, plus the artist's stool, which is a log painted with silver metallic paint.
A close-up of my large butterfly painting. Can you believe the colors of their wings? And the size of the yellow one?
A partial view of the butterfly installation on the side wall.
This shot shows the dimensionality of the cobalt blue butterfly sculptures.
Another view showing the 3-D nature of the blue butterflies.
This detail shows the textures of some of the fabrics used in the creation of the butterfly installation entitled "Flight to the LIght"
This shows the little hall/entryway into the artist's studio. The photo doesn't do justice to the gorgeous wood grain texture of the orange Venetian plaster work done by Heidi Holzer. The plaster hand holds my business cards. The frame for the room credits sign was made by painting a chunk of tree bark after I had pressed it and glued a fabric support to the back of it to hold it together. The ceiling "mosaic" is made of real butterfly wings. (Thank you to my summer interns Chanel and Annabelle who helped to glue them all to the ceiling!)
This detail shows the textures of some of the fabrics used in the creation of the butterfly installation entitled "Flight to the LIght"
And a close-up detail of the mosaic of real butterfly wings. (I had never seen a red butterfly before getting these butterfly specimens from E-Bay!)
Here is a close-up of the plaster hand/business card holder, plus the silver tree bark frame. The silver tree bark was later purchased by a client to use as a frame for one of my smaller butterfly paintings.
This shot shows the texture of the silver log stool a bit better. The seat is even canted to make it easier to sit on while leaning forward to paint.
Perhaps my favorite invention for the space was this light sculpture I created (with the help of John Hone) using a simple broken tree branch and a hidden LED light, which, a it faced the white plaster wall, caused the wall to slowly change colors. (See the other two shots below for some of the other colors). This tree branch and the butterfly wing ceilings provided some fun "Aha!" moments from the visitors.
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